Fingers Crossed: Origin Of This Gesture For Good Luck

fingers crossed

What is the origin of fingers crossed gesture? Fingers Crossed – It has been a tradition for many people to cross their fingers to wish themselves or other people good luck or hope for something positive during a certain situation. Across the globe, this is recognized by different people from different cultures. Have you ever … Read more

Steak Doneness – Rare, Medium, and Well Done

Steak Doneness

What is your preferred steak doneness? Here are some details about the styles in cooking your favorite meat. STEAK DONENESS could be rare, medium, and well done and here are some details to know about these methods of preparation. How do you know if your steak is rare, medium, or well done? But first, what … Read more

Fun Facts about the Human Body You May Yet To Know

Fun Facts about the Human Body

List of Fun Facts about the Human Body — It’s Trivia Time! FUN FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY – Here are some surprising trivia about the different parts of the human body that many people don’t know. We all have been too familiar with the idea of a “human body” but we undeniably know very … Read more

Sleep Talking: What You Need To Know About This Sleep Disorder

sleep talking

What is sleep talking? Sleep talking is one of the common sleep disorders that many people experience around the world and here are the things you need to know about this. This sleep disorder is also known as somniloquy. Based on the article in Healthline, doctors cannot pinpoint exactly why this happens or what is … Read more

Intermittent Fasting Foods: Dos and Don’ts In Terms Of What To Eat

Intermittent Fasting Foods

Here’s a list of intermittent fasting foods – the ones you must consume and ones you must limit. INTERMITTENT FASTING FOODS – If you are doing this kind of eating method, you must also know the foods allowed and not allowed. Fasting is becoming a popular lifestyle choice. This is an eating pattern where a … Read more

Purple Foods Benefits – The Superfoods

Purple Foods Benefits

The benefits of purple foods and why they are better for health. PURPLE FOODS BENEFITS – A healthy diet is essential for many reasons and some of the foods that can be of help come in the color of purple. For good health and nutrition, a healthy diet must become a habit. It protects us … Read more

Amazing Facts about the Royal Family in England that Many of the Rest of the World Don’t Know

Amazing Facts about the Royal Family

List of Amazing Facts about the Royal Family that Remain Hidden to Many People AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE ROYAL FAMILY – Here are some things that many of the rest of the world don’t know about England’s Kings and Queens. The Kings and Queens of the Great Britain are among the most popular people across … Read more

New Year Traditions That Can Be Called “Weird”

new year's traditions

Here are some of the oddest New Year traditions New Year Traditions – Some people are still doing these traditions every new year which can be called “weird” or “strange.” All over the world, different cultures have different traditions during the coming of the new year. However, it is a fact that some people find … Read more