Most Expensive Cow Is Worth Php 246 Million, Here’s Why

Most Expensive Cow

The world’s most expensive cow is sold at an auction. MOST EXPENSIVE COW – A remarkable moment in the world of agriculture and livestock auctions has just happened as this cow has been sold in this huge amount. An auction where Viatina-19 FIV Mara was sold at Php 246 Million has made a record. This … Read more

These Colorful Dog Breeds Give You A Lot of Options in Getting A Furbaby

Colorful Dog Breeds

Guide on Colorful Dog Breeds & the Different Coat Color COLORFUL DOG BREEDS – Here are som breeds of dogs with a wide variety of coat color and it is best to know them when choosing a furbaby. Dogs come in different features which include variations not only in terms of how they look but … Read more

Volume Eating – Consuming More To Lose Weight

Volume Eating

What is the concept of volume eating? Find out below! VOLUME EATING – This is a trending strategy or method nowadays where a person consumes more while taking in fewer calories to lose weight. Losing weight is definitely not about eating less. What is trendy nowadays to shed off some pounds is volume eating. This … Read more

Pirate Eye Patch: What’s The Reason Behind This?

pirate eye patch

Have you ever wondered how the pirate eye patch started? Pirate Eye Patch – Pirates are commonly depicted with an eye patch to complete their fighter look and with their pet parrots and their so-called “Arrrgh” expression. Pirates are among the common inspirations for costume parties and Halloween costumes. There is a certain way in … Read more

Foods That Cause Stress (Avoid These For Stress Management)

Foods That Cause Stress

What are foods that cause stress? Here’s a list. FOODS THAT CAUSE STRESS – If you are feeling stressed and would like to binge on foods, these are the ones you must avoid. Can certain foods increase stress and anxiety? The answer is yes. There are foods that can do this and some of them … Read more

Surprising Foods You Won’t Believe Actually Has Caffeine


List of Foods with Caffeine Many People Don’t Know FOODS WITH CAFFEINE – There are some foods and drinks that you may be surprised to know that they actually have caffeine. A lot of people intentionally avoid caffeine as they cannot sleep well if they have taken some. However, surprisingly, there are foods and drinks … Read more

Intermittent Fasting – The Different Ways Of Doing This

Intermittent Fasting

These are the different ways of intermittent fasting that will give you the best results. INTERMITTENT FASTING – This is a famous weight loss methods as many attest to the effectivity of this and these are the different approaches. Is intermittent fasting safe and effective? Many people practice fasting as a way to lose weight … Read more

Unbelievable Stories of Survival that Some People Went Through Somewhere in Life

Unbelievable Stories of Survival

Check Out These Unbelievable Stories of Survival You Might Have Yet To Hear UNBELIEVABLE STORIES OF SURVIVAL – Here are some stories that will surely move you as some people experienced a strange fight for their lives. There are stories that are unimaginable but actually happened. These stories tested the endurance, strength, faith, resourcefulness, and … Read more