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Bermuda Triangle A Portal?

The unresolved mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains unanswered.  Even the US Navy, Department of Air force, and the US coast guard couldn’t give any explanation to the Thousand ships and plane that disappeared on the site. Yes, thousand! that’s how mysterious the place is. Even those who decided to study the mystery didn’t come [...]

Does Life Exist Beyond Earth? Look What NASA Found!

Does life exist beyond Earth? This is is an amazing confirmation from NASA! Through many exploration, this a unique finding. It is common to us being oriented that if there is water, there is a great percentage that life exist. Following water content have oxygen, the element is essential to life. Yes! liquid water flows [...]

Lightning Storm slowmo

The force of nature is just so strong that almost anything that it hits would most probably be destroyed. Among the most fascinating forces in nature is the lightning. Most people know how powerful the electricity it gives in one big blow. It strikes so fast that evading it is almost impossible. But now, a [...]

Stop your brain cells from believing and cramming towards what the doomsayers speak about the newly-discovered planet. Stop spending sleepless nights thinking when would the Earth by crashed by that newly-added planet. Recently, a video contending an idea that Planet Nine could cause devastations to the Earth was posted. This believed-to-be-existent world in the solar [...]

Saliva As Thirst-Quencher

Why can’t saliva be hydrating despite the presence of 98% water in it? Why don’t you get satisfied with that liquid that’s already in your tongue even before you felt thirsty? According to Dr. Len Horovitz, an internist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, saliva is a very concentrated fluid that has proteins [...]

Greek and Romans having cold bath. You might actually take hot shower everyday if not naturally warm. You set your shower control into moderate hot but did you know that there are surprising health benefits a cold shower can offer. You may find cold shower a dumb decision but what if I tell you, cold [...]

Balancing is a profession of some people in circus. Today we will reveal to you what is behind balancing on a tightrope. IN this video strip balancing spoon and fork using toothpick alone. Furthermore, to balance you need to find the center of gravity. Gravity is a force that attracts a body toward the center [...]

Tampons Menstrual periods are expected every month most of the women. Women used tampons or sanitary napkins to prevent the blood flow become messy. During menstruation, women tend to be sensitive and conscious with every movement. Often enter the comfort room and knows what going on especially by the uncomfortable intruder, tampons. How often you [...]

Mushrooms on sale on market. White Button Mushrooms Mushroom are organism belong to Kingdom Fungi. Yes, mushrooms are fungi , typically produced above the soil or on its food source like fruits and vegetables. Mushrooms have a stem, a cap and gill on the underside of the cap. These gills produce microscopic spores that help [...]

Porphyromonas gingivalis which is lead to periodontitis, a progressive disease that affects the soft tissue and alveolar bone that supports the teeth causing toothache and tooth loss. Tell me who among the kids would love to go to a dentist? Surely no one. At home, children are taught to brush their teeth twice a day [...]