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ballet japan

Having pets at home is such a wonderful experience. Do you agree with that? Well, most pets are left at home alone and you didn’t know what they are doing when you’re out. Thankfully, Boredpanda exposed one of them.   This cat is now making a buzz on the Internet because of its ballet moves [...]

upset dog

People really love their pets. Many even treat them as family. Like humans, pets are normally brought to the veterinarian for checkups and other health issues. But actually pets seem not to love vets just like people who hate hospitals. No wonder this dog’s reaction looks like this when its owner arrived at the vet. [...]

baby rhinos

Just like humans, animals also have unique bonds with their own family. It can be compared to the mother and child relationship, closeness, and dependence. Baby animals really depend on their mothers in order to survive the harsh world. Then, their mothers will also provide them what they needed. Just like these baby rhinos being [...]

cat rescue

Humans and animals have a connection no matter what. Just imagine the fact that there is great connection between a pet owner and the pet like a cat. No wonder there are also laws and resolutions intended for the welfare of animals. A video showing an intense rescue of a cat that’s been trapped in [...]

biggest whales

The world has many wonders that people still couldn’t see their beauty and importance. Still, even with the discoveries and explorations done on land and in water, still, there are just so many things and creatures that will really amaze people. In the waters, there are creatures that are really enormous and even majestic. Whales [...]

best mousetrap ever

Many houses are being dominated by certain pests like mice. These stubborn mice eats up almost anything on its sight. That’s why, in order to control them, pest control units are being deployed. Most of them use different techniques and chemicals in order to eliminate these mice. But, there is a manual and classic way [...]

megamouth shark

A really rare kind of shark called megamouth shark has been caught in Japan by fishermen. According to a report in Yahoo Australia, the shark was caught using fishing nets near the main island of Owase. The shark was 16 feet long and weighs 1 ton. Megamouth sharks are extremely rare that they were just [...]

'vampire' hedgehog

There are so many things, persons, and animals that become easily famous on the Internet. On Instagram, there is a new rising star that really capture the hearts of people. Not a person, not a place, but a cute hedgehog. What made it special is that Huff, the 3-year-old African Pygmy hedgehog from Utah looks like [...]

Tasmanian giant crab

Any crab meat lovers here? Eating crab meat is really one of the most tiring things to do. But, upon seeing the meat, satisfaction guaranteed. If you really want to enjoy feasting on crab meat, how about try taking on a 29-pound Tasmanian giant Crab. These crabs can be found on the ocean floor off [...]

sparrow bee

What do you fear most? Some people fear the dark, dogs, cats, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, and more. Others  include great heights. But, for many people, seeing bugs is just a nightmare. Small creeping creatures can really make someone afraid. Now, how about seeing bugs as big as two inches or more? https://twitter.com/sun_s_k/status/721205443977031680 Ladies and gentlemen, [...]