Valentine’s Day History: How The World Started Celebrating This

valentine's day history

Know more about the Valentine’s Day History Valentine’s Day History – How did the celebration of the Heart’s Day start and why it is being celebrated by the world? Every February 14, the world celebrates the day for their loved ones. Nowadays, this occasion is known for having heart decorations, Valentine’s cards or gifts, and … Read more

Sleepwalking: Why This Sleep Disorder Happens & How To Treat It


What is sleepwalking? Sleepwalking is also called somnambulism and is one of the most common sleep orders that people can experience. There are many known sleep orders that can affect the time of your rest and can have a bad effect on your body. In some instances, you might encounter the sleep talking condition. Someone … Read more

Fingers Crossed: Origin Of This Gesture For Good Luck

fingers crossed

What is the origin of fingers crossed gesture? Fingers Crossed – It has been a tradition for many people to cross their fingers to wish themselves or other people good luck or hope for something positive during a certain situation. Across the globe, this is recognized by different people from different cultures. Have you ever … Read more

Fun Facts about the Human Body You May Yet To Know

Fun Facts about the Human Body

List of Fun Facts about the Human Body — It’s Trivia Time! FUN FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY – Here are some surprising trivia about the different parts of the human body that many people don’t know. We all have been too familiar with the idea of a “human body” but we undeniably know very … Read more

Sleep Talking: What You Need To Know About This Sleep Disorder

sleep talking

What is sleep talking? Sleep talking is one of the common sleep disorders that many people experience around the world and here are the things you need to know about this. This sleep disorder is also known as somniloquy. Based on the article in Healthline, doctors cannot pinpoint exactly why this happens or what is … Read more

Amazing Facts about the Royal Family in England that Many of the Rest of the World Don’t Know

Amazing Facts about the Royal Family

List of Amazing Facts about the Royal Family that Remain Hidden to Many People AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE ROYAL FAMILY – Here are some things that many of the rest of the world don’t know about England’s Kings and Queens. The Kings and Queens of the Great Britain are among the most popular people across … Read more

New Year Traditions That Can Be Called “Weird”

new year's traditions

Here are some of the oddest New Year traditions New Year Traditions – Some people are still doing these traditions every new year which can be called “weird” or “strange.” All over the world, different cultures have different traditions during the coming of the new year. However, it is a fact that some people find … Read more

Jingle Bells: Noteworthy Facts About This Christmas Song

jingle bells

Here are some facts about Jingle Bells Jingle Bells is among the most popular Christmas songs all over the world and this hymn has amazing and noteworthy facts. Over the years, many Christmas songs or carols have been created and some remained classics. Eventually, these classic songs undergo revolutions and new versions are being released. … Read more

Unique Christmas Traditions from the Different Countries in the World

Norway Christmas

List of Unique Christmas Traditions You May Have Yet To Witness or Know UNIQUE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS – Here are some amazing and rare traditions practiced in the different countries in the world. The Christmas season is here once again. Truth be told that its celebration in our home country may be familiar to us but … Read more