Common Workplace Problems and Challenges

Common Workplace Problems

What are these common workplace problems? Most working adults have surely encountered one or more common workplace problems and challenge and here are some that you might want to know. In a workplace, it’s normal to face some problems and challenges with your workmate, the boss, or the work itself. Whichever industry you work in, … Read more

Maintain Healthy Relationship With Others Through These Tips

Healthy Relationship

How do you maintain healthy relationship with other people? To build and maintain healthy relationship with other people is an essential part of living and here are some useful tips to do this. Maintaining and building good relationships with people around you is actually simpler than you’d expect. It might not be like those in … Read more

Toxic Masculinity – What Is This and How To Recognize This

Toxic Masculinity

What is toxic masculinity? How do you describe this? TOXIC MASCULINITY – This is thrown around as a buzzword but what does this really mean? How can you describe and recognize this? What is Toxic Masculinity? We often hear this around being thrown away easily and used by people but what is this really? This … Read more

Toxic Work Environment – How Can You Tell?

Toxic Work Environment

How can you say that you are in a toxic work environment? These are the indications! Do you have a toxic work environment? This could be hard to admit but for your own good, here’s how you can tell one. Understanding the signs of a toxic workplace is one step to remedy a problem. Statistics … Read more

Reasons Why Employees Resign – What Are These?

Reasons Why Employees Resign

These are the different reasons why employees resign and leave. REASONS WHY EMPLOYEES RESIGN – To prevent employees from leaving the organization or company, the reasons why they do must be determined first. Making an employee stay is critical in an organization or company. Replacing them with someone new would take time and effort. Apart … Read more

Anger Management Techniques – Control Your Anger Before It Controls You

Anger Management Techniques

Here are some anger management techniques that will help you calm down. ANGER MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES – How do you tame your temper? Before your anger controls you, here are some techniques to do to calm down. What is anger? Charles Spielberger, PhD, a psychologist whose specialization is the study of anger, defined anger as “an … Read more

Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Brides and Grooms Should Remember This

wedding invitation

Here is the wedding invitation etiquette that brides and grooms should remember Wedding Invitation Etiquette – Before giving out that invitation, brides and grooms must take note of these reminders. Wedding preparation might take a lot of time, money, and effort. Soon-to-be couples hire wedding planners to help them and to make their preparations easier … Read more

Toxic Parent – The Signs and How To Deal With Them

Toxic Parent

What is a toxic parent and the signs of this? TOXIC PARENT – Our parents are also human and these are the different traits that tell that your parent is a toxic one. No one is perfect and that includes our parents. They are also humans and they make mistake. Being a parent requires a … Read more

Taylor Swift Course In UP Diliman: Why Study Her Music?

Taylor Swift Course

The Taylor Swift course is real and this is being offered in one of the top universities in the Philippines. TAYLOR SWIFT COURSE – To study the life and artistry of the American singer-songwriter is being offered at the University of the Philippines – Diliman (UPD) in Quezon City. The life and artistry of 14-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift … Read more