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Fat Kid Did Some Trick In A Race: Look How He Did It

In school, we are exposed to certain activity that sometimes take us out of our comfort zone. Non-fluent speakers children encouraged to talk, non-dancers, are required to dance, non-singers plead to sing. This video however depicts a total crazy moment in school with a child trying to function out of his comforts zone. Ultimately, a [...]

Big Friendly Giant! Everybody shouldn't Miss

The most loved Disney film has another remarkable movie to offer that we shouldn’t miss! It is in great hand of art that the talents of three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg are brought together to bring Dahl’s beloved classic “The BFG” to life. It is directed [...]

lions licking water off a tent

How would you react when you see two wild creatures staying outside your tent during a camping? You might probably scream in fear. This is what campers at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park recently experienced as there are two lions outside their tent licking the water drops. The campers just remained calm and just filmed the [...]


The presence of technology now really changes the world today. There are many inventions and innovations done by to make the life people easier and more efficient. Now, the there is the so-called virtual reality or augmentation wherein the virtual and the real world is connected. A video called Hyper-Reality created by Keiichi Matsuda will [...]

Bermuda Triangle A Portal?

The unresolved mystery of the Bermuda Triangle remains unanswered.  Even the US Navy, Department of Air force, and the US coast guard couldn’t give any explanation to the Thousand ships and plane that disappeared on the site. Yes, thousand! that’s how mysterious the place is. Even those who decided to study the mystery didn’t come [...]

Does Life Exist Beyond Earth? Look What NASA Found!

Does life exist beyond Earth? This is is an amazing confirmation from NASA! Through many exploration, this a unique finding. It is common to us being oriented that if there is water, there is a great percentage that life exist. Following water content have oxygen, the element is essential to life. Yes! liquid water flows [...]

Meet The Brightest Kid In The World

This is amazing! Steve Harvey interviewed the baby math genius on NBC’s show Little Big Shots which showcases the nation’s most extraordinary young people. In the video is Luis Esquivel, a 5-year-old math whiz who demonstrated his amazing knowledge of numbers. The kid is able to compute without using any tool other than his mental [...]

Southern Ocean Storm

In life, there are storms being faced by people. These storms can either break or make somebody. The good thing is that after the storm, there is a rainbow. But, in a real world, storms brings destruction on anything it stays on. And in the oceans, it brings waves and fear to people. Ships are [...]

Scuba Soldier

Isn’t it a great feeling when someone you loves and you long to see comes back in a surprise? U.S. soldiers are mostly assigned overseas sent as relieve to other countries. Not only that they sacrifice their lives in the battlefield, but also, the time to spend together with their own families. That’s why, in [...]

Rubber Band Amazing Use

The best thing to equip ourselves is to know about some of the survival tricks. Like imagining yourself trap in an island isolated to all. Of course, the isolated island will never provide you with the tools we used to have while in city, then that would be the time you will realize the essential [...]