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proposal in Time Square

Before getting married, many men will plan an epic proposal to their love one. There are lots of proposal ideas have been done that surrounded the Internet. But, a 29-year-old guy named AJ Hall made a really epic proposal to his girlfriend named, Nicole Pagano. The two had been dating for two years and AJ [...]

Foods Might Full Or Fool You

It will always be beneficial to check on the foods before you partake it. We’ll here are some of the dangerous food that you must not take or else will cause you harm or even death. Learn some tips on the preparation of these foods with total safety measures or better yet, avoid it. You [...]

upset dog

People really love their pets. Many even treat them as family. Like humans, pets are normally brought to the veterinarian for checkups and other health issues. But actually pets seem not to love vets just like people who hate hospitals. No wonder this dog’s reaction looks like this when its owner arrived at the vet. [...]

baby rhinos

Just like humans, animals also have unique bonds with their own family. It can be compared to the mother and child relationship, closeness, and dependence. Baby animals really depend on their mothers in order to survive the harsh world. Then, their mothers will also provide them what they needed. Just like these baby rhinos being [...]

drinking water

Water is really needed by the body in order for it to function very well. It is really healthy to drink enough water. Doctors are telling people to consume about 8-10 glasses a day. But, did you know that too much water consumption could really be harmful to the body? According to experts, drinking ice [...]

Crushing diamond

If there is one stone in the world that every woman (and even men) really wanted to have is a piece of diamond. Diamonds are the most famous and loved stones in the world. They are loved because of their unique sparkles and shine once light passes by them. They are also considered the hardest [...]

We might find ourselves looking for different facts that the World Wide Web will be able to offer you, but why not for just a moment, let us focus in the least cared self, our emotions. We feel them in our bodies as tingles, hot spots and muscular tension. There are cognitive aspects, but the [...]

Brain Makes Common Mistakes

  Often, we wonder why we do this and that and sometimes we tend to blame our brains for deciding so. Here are the common mistakes that our brains used to commit. We only surround ourselves with the things that matches our beliefs. This is one of our subconscious manners. We seclude ourselves to other [...]


Food is such a necessity in life. One cannot live without it. Food is where the energy needed by the body comes from. That’s why, one must choose carefully what to eat or drink. Sticking to the healthy foods like fruits and veggies are always the best for health but, many foods right now does [...]

cat rescue

Humans and animals have a connection no matter what. Just imagine the fact that there is great connection between a pet owner and the pet like a cat. No wonder there are also laws and resolutions intended for the welfare of animals. A video showing an intense rescue of a cat that’s been trapped in [...]