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In a very fast-paced environment today, stress cannot be avoided. Most people work for many hours per day. And it seems that there is no time to relax. In order to relieve the stress that you have, you can try to stay positive in life and take short breaks. Everyone needs a breather. For some, [...]

Going in the wild is just really one of the most exciting things to experience. But, since it is the wild, unexpected things might happen. It’s an uncontrolled environment. One might have close encounters with certain wild animals. If you’re going to encounter certain animals, what would you do? These people from the Katmai National [...]

Next to human existence and consumer are animals. Animals are vital part to balance the food web in environment. They are divided into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. When we say carnivores, a type of animals eat meat while herbivores eat plants. The third one, omnivores are the type of animals that have the ability to [...]

Nepenthes hemsleyana a pitcher -like plant communicate to a bat and lure it using jug-shaped trap. Cape sundew covered in brightly coloured tentacles which secrete a sticky mucilage that trap insects. If insects are trapped, the leaves roll lengthwise by thigmotropism toward center. Plants is an essential factor to human and animals. They give shelter, [...]

In Biology, there are only 5 Kingdoms which are K. Monera, K. Protesta, K. Animalia, K. Fungi and K. Plantae. The family of insects belong to the Kingdom Animalia where the kingdom is divided into two types: vertebrates and invertebrates. Invertebrates has many species which includes insects. Insects are a group of animals that are [...]

In Eden Prairie, Minnesota a hunchback German Shepherd dog named Quasi became a celebrity in Facebook. He is featured in Barcroft TV, due to his extraordniary personality. He is one of rare 15 dogs worldwide who have an illness of Short Spine Syndrome. He was born with a compressed spine and vertebrae. He runs like [...]

Are you a gal fave dogs than cats? The furrier the dog is cuddlier. The smallest the dog the cutest above all. They are man’s best friend and a best buddy. Some are police dog, an entertainment or a plain pet. They possess a prowess unlike any other animal pets. They are cuddly, friendly, and [...]

Police dogs also known as K-9 (canine). They assist the police officers during investigation and other works. They are trained to identify guns, explosives, illegal medicine, looking for crime scene evidence, searching for people, and protecting certain people against threats. The most common breed of dog of K-9 is the German shepherd. In Middle Ages, [...]

Anyone could see a tail or even a head of shark would be scared. Who would not be? They are known to be monster and sharp eaters of the sea. A dangerous predators like any other fish species. Nevertheless, our deadly perception to them doesn’t stop there. The way we see them is not always [...]

How often do you laugh? When we heard a joke, our brain reacts into an incredible laughter. Speech and laughter coerce. Yet little neural representation is known about brain mechanism of magical laughter. Since human are normal to laugh and crack a joke, animals have also a way to display their laughter. According to MIT [...]