Amazing Facts about Elephants — They’re More than Just their Enormous Size!

List of Amazing Facts about Elephants Many People Don’t Know

AMAZING FACTS ABOUT ELEPHANTS – There are a lot of fantastic facts about these huge animals that many people don’t know.

One of the most popular animals in the world is the elephant. It is known for its size, its tusks, and its thick skin. However, there are still a lot of thinks that are unknown about this huge animal.

Amazing Facts about Elephants
Photo Credit: Quora
Male elephants keep on growing until they’re 40 years old

It is undeniably hard to distinguish whether an elephant is already grown up or not. Aside from its huge size, male elephants keep on growing even past their 35 years. In fact, they only reach their full potential until they are between 35 to 40 years. The world’s largest animal is the African Savannah that grows up to 6,000 kilograms in average.

Their trunks are very sensitive

The trunks of elephants which is made of around 150,000 muscle units is the most sensitive organ found in any mammal. Elephants use it to suck up water that it can store up to eight (8) liters of water and they also use it in snorkeling.

Their tusks are actually teeth

One of the amazing facts about elephants is that their tusks are actually teeth which continue growing throughout their lives. These are enlarged incisor teeth that are used when eating or when they are fighting. Their tusks are made from ivory.

Elephants have very thick skin

Also one of the amazing facts about elephants is with regards to their skin. It is as thick as 2.5 cm that its folds and wrinkles can retain up to 10 times water more than flat skin can. It helps them remain cool, clean, and it also protects themselves from sunburn.

A baby elephant can stand within 20 minutes of birth

Unlike other baby animals, a baby elephant can already stand on its own within 20 minutes since birth. Within an hour, it can already walk and they can already keep up with the herd even just they are two (2) days old.

Elephants don’t forget

Compared with the temporal lobe of human beings, those of elephants are larger and denser thus they don’t forget. It is the area of the brain associated with memory.

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