Best Halloween Destinations In The World

best halloween destinations

Enjoy the scary things in the best Halloween destinations you could ever find Here is a list of some of the best Halloween destinations in the world that will surely give you an unforgettable experience. Around the globe, people have different ways of celebrating Halloween. Every country has its own tradition while there are places … Read more

Great Sphinx of Giza: Amazing Facts About This Landmark In Egypt

great sphinx of giza

Here are the amazing facts about the Great Sphinx of Giza Great Sphinx of Giza¬†– This iconic landmark on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt is one of the oldest, largest, and most mysterious monuments ever created. Here are some of the great facts about this landmark. Technically, … Read more

Best Travel Insurance Companies 2023

best travel insurance companies

Best Travel Insurance Companies – Here are the best companies that are included in Forbes’s list to be the best in giving travel insurance. Traveling to different beautiful places around the globe is one of the most rewarding gifts can give to others or to themselves. However, there are moments when traveling can be tiring … Read more

Spaghetti Ice Cream: Dario Fontanella Created A Unique Dessert

Have you tried spaghetti ice cream? Italian German ice cream maker Dario Fontanella created a unique dessert in the 1960s, and it is called spaghetti ice cream. Ice cream is indeed among the most-loved desserts all over the world. Children and adults enjoy this cold treat after a meal or anytime they want. Some people … Read more

Polka Dots: Fun Facts About The Famous Pattern

polka dots

Polka Dots has become a huge part of different culture around the globe Here are some fun facts about Polka Dots, a popular pattern that has crossed different fields such as art, fashion, and many more. This pattern is popularly used in dresses and even swimwear products. All over the world, this pattern is widely … Read more

Rare Fossils Aged 508 Million Years: Could It Be The Oldest Swimming Jellyfish?

rare fossils oldest jellyfish

These 508-million-year-old rare fossils were found in Canada These rare fossils aged 508 million years may be the oldest swimming jellyfish that were recently discovered by paleontologists in Canada. Jellyfish are among the sea creatures that would often bring wonder to many people. Different species have been discovered over the years and for many people … Read more