Anger Management Techniques – Control Your Anger Before It Controls You

Here are some anger management techniques that will help you calm down.

ANGER MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES – How do you tame your temper? Before your anger controls you, here are some techniques to do to calm down.

What is anger?

Charles Spielberger, PhD, a psychologist whose specialization is the study of anger, defined anger as “an emotional state that varies in intensity from mild irritation to intense fury and rage”. You can be angry over certain things and when you get angry, you feel your heart rate and blood pressure go up.

Anger is a powerful emotion but you should never allow it to take over you. You have to learn to control it before it controls you. We have all felt this and this is a completely normal emotion that is usually healthy a human should feel.

However, there are times when we actually feel so much of this that it gets out of control eventually becoming destructive. This kind of rage can lead to problems at work, personal relationships, and in the general quality of your life.

Anger is expressed naturally in an aggressive manner. Too much, as mentioned can lead to problems but a certain amount is needed for survival and here are some tips on how to calm down before your anger becomes a seething one:

  1. Do some relaxation techniques such as breathing from your “gut”, repeating words like “relax” and “take it easy” until you feel your heaving heart settle down, doing some yoga exercises and others.
  2. Cognitive restructuring is effective or being able to tell yourself the positive side of things instead of focusing the negative. For example, instead of saying “it’s terrible, everything’s ruined,” tell yourself, “it’s frustrating, and it’s understandable and it’s not the end of the world”. Always remember that being immediately and intensely angry cannot fix anything.
  3. Communicate better especially in moments where you are in a heated discussion. Slow down and think of your responses before expressing them verbally. If you speak in haste with so much rage, you might regret it later on.
  4. Use a silly humor to diffuse your anger. This is a serious emotions so make sure to think light things with your silly humor.
  5. Timing is everything. If you and your partner fight at night when you both are tired and distracted, change the timing to discuss important matters.

There are a lot of other ways to do it but what you must keep in mind is that failing to control or manage your own anger can lead to problems such as saying things you will regret, yelling at your kids and eventually hurting their feelings, developing health problems, and worse, resorting to physical violence.

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