Art Of Letting Go – How Do You Master This?

What is the art of letting go? How does this give you calm and purpose?

ART OF LETTING GO – There is power in letting things go and this is how to master this if you want a more peaceful life.

To say or tell something about the act of letting some things or some people go is easy but hard to actually do so. It’s easier said than done but will it be worth it if letting go means letting go of the burden or whatever that you are holding on to that causes you stress and anxiety.

Understandably, to let go of something you have been holding on to isn’t easy as there’s attachment and all but at times, necessary. It could be loosing grasp of something you really want like an opportunity or someone you like, or even love.

Why let go? This is for our peace that will only be achieved if we start the journey to recovery by self-reflection, acceptance, forgiveness, and living in the present.

No one knows how to completely let go or do it easily in a way where pain is reduced, but one must keep these in mind:

  1. Anything that you feel is forced or a bit harder than it should be is not meant for you. If it’s meant for you, it will come to you naturally. These things have this way of going smoothly in your life. This mentality is one step to mastering the art of this.
  2. It’s to let go if you feel stuck in a situation that makes your heart and emotions heavier in each day. It’s more of a waste of effort and time in staying stuck than the investment already made. The power in doing so can bring you peace.
  3. Paulo Coelho said: “If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”
    When one door closes, another opens and this could be even better.
  4. We are convinced that we could not find the same good thing twice but the truth is, we still can and most of the time, what we can find is even better. The same good thing is going to happen twice and as many times as it can. Let go of that fear.
  5. If you did not get the things you wanted, it was not yours to begin with. Forgive yourself to let go of the parts that dim your light.

In life, there were and will be many things that would require us to let go. It could be in the form of bad habits, the things we prayed for but given to others, the bad memories, the good ones that in the end are causing our sadness, relationships that did not work out, and among others.

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