Bananas: How To Prolong The Shelf Life Of This Fruit

Here are the ways to prevent bananas from rotting easily

Bananas are among the most common fruits a household could have and you can prolong the shelf life of this fruit.

Hang them

This fruit is often hung in fruit stands and there’s an apparent reason why vendors are doing this. Based on the article in Reader’s Digest, scientifically speaking, the fruit starts ripening as soon as they’re picked from trees. When this happens, ethylene gas is released from the stems as soon as they’re picked. However, the gas works more slowly when the fruit is hanged. By hanging, the banana will also avoid bruising that often happens when it is placed on the table or counter.


Buy the green ones

To make the shelf life of this fruit even longer, buy the greenest ones you can find. This fruit is often picked while still green. The ripening happens over time to reach that bright yellow for people’s consumption.

Wrap the stems in plastic wrap

The ethylene gas that makes bananas ripen comes from the stems. You can wrap the stems using plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This will slow down the ripening process. This technique is already used by supermarkets and fruit stands.

Place the ripe ones in the fridge

This might not apply to other fruits but for bananas this is okay. You can keep green ones far away from the fridge but when they are completely ripened, you can move them to the fridge. The cool temperatures will keep them from ripening further.

Freeze them

You can freeze peeled, individual bananas or banana slices in resealable airtight bags because when you do this to an entire bunch, it will darken the peels, and they’ll thaw poorly.

Buy a banana hat

It is similar to wrapping the stems. The silicone cup blocks the fruit from releasing ethylene gas and this will slow down the ripening process.

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