Unique Christmas Traditions from the Different Countries in the World

List of Unique Christmas Traditions You May Have Yet To Witness or Know

UNIQUE CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS – Here are some amazing and rare traditions practiced in the different countries in the world.

The Christmas season is here once again. Truth be told that its celebration in our home country may be familiar to us but it is not the same with all the Christmas celebrations in other countries which often include the playing of the best Christmas songs. There are actually these unique Christmas traditions that you might be interested to know.


Japan may be so popular as one of the most beautiful countries in the world but it is not one of those that celebrate a grand Christmas. In fact, it is not a national holiday in the country but many people observe a unique tradition of going to KFC or the Kentucky Frid Chicken to celebrate Christmas.

The said tradition started in 1974 with the popular international fastfood chain had a successful marketing campaign “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” or “Kentucky for Christmas!”. A lot of people order boxes of chicken prior to Christmas to make sure they don’t miss the tradition.

Unique Christmas Traditions


In Iceland, they celebrate 13 days of Christmas. Every night before Christmas, 13 yule lads visit the Icelandic children. The kids will put their shoes by the window before heading upstairs. In the morning, they will check it out and find candies if they are good and rotten potatoes if they are bad.

Iceland 13 days of Christmas


Also one of the unique Christmas traditions is the eating of porridge made of rice and milk topped with either milk or butter and cinnamon in Finland on Christmas morning. Whoever finds the almonds in the porridge “wins”.

Unique Christmas Traditions


The Christmas season in Norway is called Julebord. They have a unique celebration of Christmas as they hold it on December 23. They do decorate trees, eat risengrynsgrøt or hot rice pudding, and make gingerbread house among others.

Norway Christmas


Also one of the unique Christmas traditions is the sharing of oplatek, an unleavened religious wafer, in Poland. In the country, it is the people’s way of wishing each other a Merry Christmas. They also hold dinner after the first star appears in the night and there is always an extra chair in the dining table in case someone shows up uninvited.

Unique Christmas Traditions

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