Jingle Bells: Noteworthy Facts About This Christmas Song

Here are some facts about Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is among the most popular Christmas songs all over the world and this hymn has amazing and noteworthy facts.

Over the years, many Christmas songs or carols have been created and some remained classics. Eventually, these classic songs undergo revolutions and new versions are being released. One of these classic holiday hymns was written by a songwriter from Georgia.

Songwriter James Lord Pierpont composed the music and wrote the lyrics of this song in 1822. He has a commemorative plaque and his holiday jingle in Savannah, Georgia, USA, based on the article in History.

jingle bells

However, the Boston suburb of Medford, Massachusetts, also claims that Pierpont wrote his famous tune while nursing a drink in the Simpson Tavern in 1850.

Jingle Bells was not the original title of this song. It was initially called “One Horse Open Sleigh.” When it was reissued two years later when it was first released, its title was changed to the more familiar title that it has now.

This song was not intended at first to be a holiday hymn. Although the lyrics boast the holiday season, there is no mention of Christmas in the lyrics. Some records state that this was first performed for a Thanksgiving service at the church of either Pierpont’s father or brother.

The “One Horse Open Sleigh” was first printed in September 1857 and it was dedicated to  John Ordway, who was a Boston doctor, composer, and organizer of a troupe of white men performing in blackface called “Ordway’s Aeolians.”

This is the first song ever broadcast from space. In 1965, nine days before Christma, the two astronauts aboard Gemini 6 had just completed a rendezvous with Gemini 7 when the crew suddenly gave a troubling report to Mission Contro. The tense report about an object that looked like a satellite going from north to south, up in a polar orbit was broken by the sound of Jingle Bells.

All over the world, there are different Christmas songs and there are also Unique Christmas Traditions from the Different Countries in the World.

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