Travel Mistakes That Cause Delay At Airport Security

Here are the three travel mistakes one can make at the airport

These travel mistakes should be avoided to avoid delays at airport security that most passengers forget that they are committing.

Traveling has different purposes. Some people travel because their jobs require them to do so. For some, it is a way to reconnect with loved ones who are far away while some just enjoy traveling for vacation or unwinding purposes.

Whatever your purpose for traveling is, make sure not to these mistakes that can cause delay not just for you but also for other people who are traveling as well.

travel mistakes

Based on the article in Reader’s Digest, one of the travel mistakes that passengers make at airport security is forgetting to take off belts and shoes. This rule has been existing for over two decades now but it is the most common mistake passengers make. A survey showed that 28 percent of poll respondents admitted they have done this.

When you forget to take off your belts and shoes, the airport personnel will send you back to the conveyor belt. You will grab another plastic bin and place your items in it, and then make you go through the whole process again, thus, the cause of the delay.

One thing you should remember as well is to not walk through the scanner with phones, jewelry, and/or keys. 28 percent of survey respondents also answered this is one of the top mistakes they make at airport security. Just like the first mistake, you will do the same process again once you forget this.

However, you can wear fine jewelry through metal detectors and scanners. “Magnetic metals” such as iron, nickel, and steel are the problems.

23 percent of respondents answered this top 3 mistake. Not removing electronics from a carry-on is a no-no. These items can block airport personnel from seeing other items inside your bag and this includes items that might pose a risk hidden behind or even inside of it. There are instances when they will ask you to turn on your laptop to make sure that it is a genuine functioning laptop.

After knowing the mistakes one can do at airport security, know also the Travel Tips For First-Time Travelers.

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