Healthy Foods – The Top 10 List

The top healthy foods that should be in your diet.

HEALTHY FOODS – Eating a wide variety of nutritious foods is essential to have a healthy and long life and here are the top 10.

In order to have a healthy body, the foods you must eat don’t have to be bland. You can have the best of both worlds when it comes to eating – you may eat something tasty and delicious without compromising the taste.

There are purple foods with ultimate health benefits but really, being healthy is not exclusive to one color only. As they say, the more colorful your bowl is, the healthier it is.

Here’s a list of 10 regardless of the color:

  1. Water
    Being hydrated is a key factor in maintaining a healthy body. Drink 8 to 12 cups of water daily.
  2. Dark Green Vegetables
    Some of these that you must eat are broccoli, peppers, Brussel sprouts, kale, and spinach.
  3.  Whole Grains
    Whole wheat flour, rye, oatmeal, barley, amaranth, quinoa and a multigrain are good sources of fiber.
  4. Beans and Lentils
    These are legumes, including beans and lentils which can be added in dishes such as soups, stews, casseroles, salads, and dips. You may also eat them plain.
  5. Fish
    Fishes such as salmon, trout, herring, bluefish, sardines, and tuna are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids.
  6. Berries
    Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are rich in antioxidants.
  7. Soy
    Tofu, soy milk, edamame soybeans, tempeh and texturized vegetable protein (TVP) are recommended for a low-fat diet.
  8. Flaxseed, Nuts and Seeds
    A tablespoon or two can go a long way in positively impacting your body’s health.
  9. Organic Yogurt
    One of the great sources of calcium.

Meanwhile, the healthiest fruits for the body are apples, avocados, bananas, citrus fruits, coconut, grapes, papaya, pineapple, strawberry, and watermelon.

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