Volume Eating – Consuming More To Lose Weight

What is the concept of volume eating? Find out below!

VOLUME EATING – This is a trending strategy or method nowadays where a person consumes more while taking in fewer calories to lose weight.

Losing weight is definitely not about eating less. What is trendy nowadays to shed off some pounds is volume eating. This is a concept, method, or strategy for weight loss where more is eaten but with lesser calories so as not to sabotage your goal.

This means that with this concept, consuming large but minimized calorie intake has become possible! This way, you get to prioritize high-volume foods to promote satiety and fullness without increasing the number of calories you take, hence, the weight loss effect.

Low-volume foods are foods that are high in fat and more concentrated in sugar. High-volume foods or the healthy foods, on the other hand, are foods high in fiber and water content as fiber and water both have little to no calories per gram. Most high-volume foods are fruits and vegetables, rich sources of fiber, and water.

Some examples of eating in volume:

  1. Cook a sliced apple or pear into oatmeal.
  2. Add cooked veggies to a bowl of pasta.
  3. Snack on popcorn instead of nuts.
  4. Add chopped veggies to scrambled eggs.
  5. Serve casseroles or meat dishes on a bed of lettuce.
  6. Use salsa as a condiment or a dip.
  7. Cook chopped mushrooms into ground beef.
  8. Cook chopped cauliflower with rice.
  9. Eat fresh fruit instead of dried fruit.
  10. Add a side salad to every meal.

They make you feel full and satisfied in larger portions and increase your intake of essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals, again, without compromising and sabotaging your health goals. Foods with zero calories are also real but they don’t literally mean they have zero calories. It just means that they have so little calories that it won’t make a difference in your body when consumed. These foods can also helps with your weight loss goals.

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