Reasons Why Employees Resign – What Are These?

These are the different reasons why employees resign and leave.

REASONS WHY EMPLOYEES RESIGN – To prevent employees from leaving the organization or company, the reasons why they do must be determined first.

Making an employee stay is critical in an organization or company. Replacing them with someone new would take time and effort. Apart from these, it may also lead to increased costs, decreased productivity, and a negative impact on your company culture.

A high turnover rate can also indicate low employee job satisfaction.

It’s always useful to keep the current ones around, however, many employees know that there will come a time when they had to leave. There are various reasons behind every resignation letter and what was reflected on the paper may not actually be the real reason.

In keeping the good ones around, employers must understand first what has been forcing them to leave. Here are some of the reasons why they leave and quit:

  1. They need more challenge. You must understand that in the long run, they get to become familiar with their tasks and responsibilities and this phase will light up their desire to be challenged more and to take on something new. This happens as a natural part of career growth.
  2. They are seeking for a higher salary. This is the time when they feel like they are underpaid for the job that they do. Wanting a higher pay would also likewise mean that they are ready for more responsibilities. This desire is also sometimes fed by lifestyle changes and growing family.
  3. They feel like there’s limited growth in the company. They would surely not leave if their hard work is recognized, their efforts are acknowledged, and a career path that’s set and clear for them.
  4. They feel undervalued and replaceable in their job. This kind of feeling can encourage them to search for a place where they would feel valued and acknowledged.
  5. They want a different work environment. Employees understand that it feels great working in an environment that makes them feel comfortable. The work environment can refer to the structure of the workplace or the culture. Toxic work environment is enough reason to lose an employee.
  6. They need a better work-life balance. Our lives isn’t just all about work. There’s life outside work and a healthy work-life balance can have a positive impact on the productivity of the employee. This can also prevent them from feeling burnout.

There are other reasons such as company changes, personal circumstances, and poor management to make an employee quit. This just shows that this phenomenon is a complex one and is influenced by numerous factors.

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