Spaghetti Ice Cream: Dario Fontanella Created A Unique Dessert

Have you tried spaghetti ice cream?

Italian German ice cream maker Dario Fontanella created a unique dessert in the 1960s, and it is called spaghetti ice cream.

Ice cream is indeed among the most-loved desserts all over the world. Children and adults enjoy this cold treat after a meal or anytime they want. Some people consider ice cream as their comfort food. It comes in different flavors that will suit anyone’s taste.

However, there is a kind of this cold treat that is called spaghettieis or spaghetti ice cream. Is it spaghetti-flavored ice cream or ice cream with spaghetti?

spaghetti ice cream
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Based on the article in Smithsonian Magazine, spaghettieis came to life when Dario Fontanella wanted to have a “wacky dessert.” He is now 71 years old and owns the Eis Fontanella. This is his ice cream shop in Mannheim, Germany, and this comes from a long line of ice cream masters.

Desi Fontanella, the wife of Dario said, “In the early days of the spaghettieis, children often started to cry when he served them.” Even before Dario entered their family business, he already invented this unique ice cream and this catapulted their shop.

Decades after, more or less 30 million cups of spaghettieis are sold in Germany every year. It has become a staple in many ice cream shops in the said country.

spaghetti ice cream

Dario invented the ice cream that looks like a plate of spaghetti in 1969, while on a skiing trip to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. He ordered a Mont Blanc for his dessert. It is a dish that often features chestnut puree piped onto a vanilla parfait using a pastry bag. This gives the paste a stringy appearance.

Seeing this kind of dessert, Dario was inspired to make a spaghetti-like dessert. Desi shared that the father of her husband was appalled by the pasta and its strange color but Dario had a more realistic approach.

spaghetti ice cream
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In different parts of the globe, ice cream with strange shapes gained popularity, especially when different kinds of molds were introduced.

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