Fruits Usually Mistaken as Vegetables — Here’s What You Must Know

List of Fruits Usually Mistaken as Vegetables & their Special Features

FRUITS USUALLY MISTAKEN AS VEGETABLES – Here are some fruits that most people usually regard as veggies which is contrary to what they really are.

There are several fruits that many of us think since birth that they are veggies. There are also fruits which also belong at the same time in other categories like grain.

The tomato is undeniably the most popular among the fruits that are usually mistaken as vegetables. Legally, it is considered a veggie but, botanically, it is a fruit. However, because of its properties that are closer to the side of a veggie, it is more considered a vegetable than a fruit most especially that it lacks the sugar levels that fruits are expected to have.

Fruits Usually Mistaken as Vegetables

Undeniably, most of the green things are usually considered as veggies — lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and a lot more. However, in the case of green beans, they are actually fruits. Did you notice the seeds it has when you slice it? By botanical definition, anything with seeds and grows from a flower is considered a fruit.

Green Beans

Another fruit that is usually considered a veggie is the eggplant which is also not sweet like most fruits. Also, they are often cooked which is done in different ways like grilled and fried. But, what many people don’t know is that they are fruits coming from the nightshade family Solanaceae.


Also one of the fruits usually mistaken as vegetables is the cucumber. Like the green beans, when sliced, cucumber also has seeds inside. They grow from flowers that grow in vines that is why they are considered fruits in the botanical aspect. Aside from being fruits, they are actually part of the berries.


Surprisingly, also one of the fruits that are usually mistaken as vegetables is the bell pepper. Undeniably, its sour and citrusy flavor is contrary to what most fruits have which is a sweet flavor. They also come in bright colors. Bell peppers have seeds which is a characteristic of a fruit.

Fruits Usually Mistaken as Vegetables

Are you one of the people who think that corn is a vegetable? Well, it is actually a fruit. It grows from the flower of a corn plant. Botanists consider it as a fruit but it also shares the characteristics of grains and vegetables that is why this is actually all three — fruit, vegetable, and grain.


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