Toxic Masculinity – What Is This and How To Recognize This

What is toxic masculinity? How do you describe this?

TOXIC MASCULINITY – This is thrown around as a buzzword but what does this really mean? How can you describe and recognize this?

What is Toxic Masculinity?

We often hear this around being thrown away easily and used by people but what is this really? This term is a concept referring to the unhealthy and traditional characteristics associated with men. This is a set if guidelines that is stereotyped creating a negative impact.

It’s the notion of manliness linked with domination, homophobia, and aggression. It gives an idea that men need to be tough or act tough and be void of any emotions due to the pressure brought by society. This can be harmful to the mental health.

Signs and indications

  1. Homophobia. The thought that gay men are less masculine. They used the terms “gay” and “faggots” as insults.
  2. Asserts power and dominance. They have this need for control, hence, the assertiveness.
  3. Promiscuousness. This is the idea where men with multiple partners are commended while women who do the same are criticized.
  4. Never do “women’s work”. They refuse to do household chores such as washing, doing the laundry, and others as these are traditionally considered as “women’s work”.
  5. Risk-takers. They suppress their fears resulting in doing dangerous stuff like illegal substance abuse, reckless driving, resorting to violence, gambling, and many others.
  6. Aggression toward women. They feel this entitlement towards the bodies of women leading to carnal comments and actions toward females.
  7. Stoic. One idea of this is that showing emotions and being fragile are signs of weakness and femininity.

Example situations:

  • A boy is bullied in school for acting “too feminine”.
  • A boy is told that “men don’t cry”.
  • A man tells his partner what to wear and not to wear and dictates her who to be with and not to be with.
  • Men who are attracted to and in a relationship with a trans woman is judged by other men.
  • A man refuses to seek professional help despite his messy mental health because he needs to “man up”.

Meanwhile, for your mental health, here are some things to know about toxic work environment and how to avoid it.

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