Fun Facts about the Human Body You May Yet To Know

List of Fun Facts about the Human Body — It’s Trivia Time!

FUN FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY – Here are some surprising trivia about the different parts of the human body that many people don’t know.

We all have been too familiar with the idea of a “human body” but we undeniably know very little about our bodies. There are many surprising and fun facts about the human body such as the huge amount of salive produced by the mouth daily, the beating capacity of the heart, the length of the small intestine, etc.

Fun Facts about the Human Body
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Here are some of the fun facts about the human body that you may have yet to encounter:

  • Every day, the mouth produces one (1) liter of saliva.
  • The brain is more active when you are sleeping compared with when you are awake.
  • The information zooms along the nerves at around 400 kilometers per hour.
  • Also one of the fun facts about the human body is that in an average life span, a human heart has beat over three (3) billion times.
  • The human teeth and the shark teeth are equally strong.
  • The lungs are not of the same size. The left lung is much smaller at around 10% compared with the right lung.
  • The experts in Science believe that the human nose can actually detect more than a trillion different scents.
  • Also one of the fun facts about the human body is that although the height stops from growing when you hit the puberty stage, the nose and ears continue to lengthen.
  • The human brain can only make it up to six (6) minutes once there is no more oxygen supply.
  • The fats inside the body can make up to seven (7) bars of soap.
  • When you are listening to music, the heart can actually be in synchrony with what you are listening with.
  • The small intestine, when extended, is taller than the person and can reach up to 23 feet.
  • Humans can go from having 300 bones down to 206 during the entire lifespan.
  • 1/4 of the total bones in the body are found in the feet.
  • There are over 100,000 miles of blood vessels present in the human body.
  • Humans can survive even with only one of the organs that come in pairs like the kidneys, ears, and eyes.

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