New Year Traditions That Can Be Called “Weird”

Here are some of the oddest New Year traditions

New Year Traditions – Some people are still doing these traditions every new year which can be called “weird” or “strange.”

All over the world, different cultures have different traditions during the coming of the new year. However, it is a fact that some people find these traditions unusual. Based on the article in Mental Floss, here are some of the weird traditions being observed during the new year.

First Footing

In Scotland and Northern England, there is a superstition that it is bad luck to let a light-haired or (depending on the region) a dark-haired man enter first your house in the new year. In a Shropshire valley, it was believed that it would bring you bad luck when you let a woman enter the house before noon.

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Take in, take out

This superstition is believed in some parts of Northern England. Observing this, you shouldn’t take anything out of your house without first bringing something in.

Call on

In New York City, men would race around the city to visit (to call on) as many young women as possible. However, this tradition did not continue in the 1890s. At that time, private New Year’s Eve parties became popular.

Throwing bread

In this tradition, large bread called barmbrack is baked on New Year’s Eve, and the man of the house will take three bites before throwing it against the door while others will pray “that cold, want, or hunger might not enter” in the coming year.


This tradition involved opening a Bible to a random page and, without looking, pointing to a particular passage. The selected portion of the Scripture is believed to be the prediction of your fortune.

Riding stang

During the Victorian period, a gang would abduct someone and force them to ride a pole which is called stang, and go to the nearest pub on New Year’s Day. The person who was abducted would pay a fine to the crowd to be set free.

Eating disgusting pie

A New Year’s pie is a boiled cow’s tongue stuffed inside a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey stuffed inside a goose. Then, it is coated in a jelly made from beef’s feet. This was a traditional Victorian treat for New Year’s.

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