Tornado Facts: Know More About The “Twister”

tornado facts

Here are the Tornado Facts you should know Tornado Facts – A tornado, sometimes called a twister, is one of nature’s most violent phenomena that can cause danger to people’s lives and properties. Here are the amazing facts about this phenomenon. This is created by supercell thunderstorms Based on the article in Smithsonian Magazine, only … Read more

Biggest Earthquakes In History

biggest earthquakes

Here are the 10 biggest earthquakes ever recorded Biggest Earthquakes – In the history of humankind, these are the most devastating earthquakes ever recorded. Cascadia Megathrust of 1700 – Northern California to British Columbia Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 – Portugal New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812 – Mississippi Valley Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake of 1906 – Northwest South … Read more

Old Telephone Facts: Let’s Confuse The Young Generation

old telephone

Here are some fun facts about an old telephone Old Telephone Facts – Before smartphones became popular gadgets, people used wired and bulky telephones for communications. The present generation might know nothing about the telephones used years ago, but here are some fun facts about this old “gadget,” based on the article in Mental Floss. … Read more

Pirate Eye Patch: What’s The Reason Behind This?

pirate eye patch

Have you ever wondered how the pirate eye patch started? Pirate Eye Patch – Pirates are commonly depicted with an eye patch to complete their fighter look and with their pet parrots and their so-called “Arrrgh” expression. Pirates are among the common inspirations for costume parties and Halloween costumes. There is a certain way in … Read more

Valentine’s Day History: How The World Started Celebrating This

valentine's day history

Know more about the Valentine’s Day History Valentine’s Day History – How did the celebration of the Heart’s Day start and why it is being celebrated by the world? Every February 14, the world celebrates the day for their loved ones. Nowadays, this occasion is known for having heart decorations, Valentine’s cards or gifts, and … Read more

Sleepwalking: Why This Sleep Disorder Happens & How To Treat It


What is sleepwalking? Sleepwalking is also called somnambulism and is one of the most common sleep orders that people can experience. There are many known sleep orders that can affect the time of your rest and can have a bad effect on your body. In some instances, you might encounter the sleep talking condition. Someone … Read more