Amazing Facts about the Royal Family in England that Many of the Rest of the World Don’t Know

List of Amazing Facts about the Royal Family that Remain Hidden to Many People

AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE ROYAL FAMILY – Here are some things that many of the rest of the world don’t know about England’s Kings and Queens.

The Kings and Queens of the Great Britain are among the most popular people across the globe that they don’t even need a surname. However, what many people don’t know is that on the other side of their massive popularity are a lot of small and big things that many people don’t know about.

Amazing Facts about the Royal Family
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King Charles dated Princess Diana’s Sister First

One of the most popular Royal Family wedding was that of then Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Their marriage was blessed with the lives of Prince William and Prince Harry. However, their marriage did not last long.

Despite all the controversy surrounding their marriage, separation, and even the untimely death of Princess Diana, it was not known to many people that the then Prince Charles actually dated the sister of Princess Diana first before the actress.

Lady Sarah Spender, Diana’s older sister, admitted that she and Charles had a short-lived romance and she enjoyed being with him then. However, she never intended to marry him as she was not in love with him. Thus, instead, she played Cupid for Diana and Charles.

Queen Elizabeth traveled with her own supply of blood

Also one of the surprising and amazing facts about the Royal Family is that the late Queen Elizabeth always carried her own supply of blood in preparation for instances where it might be needed. Not only her but as well as the late Prince of Wales also did the same when they travelled and they always had their doctors beside them.

What is the Surname of the Royal Family?

Kings and Queens of England are known to have no surnames. But, actually, their last name is Mountbatten-Windsor. It was after the late King George V adopted Windsor as the official family name of the Royal Family. However, up until now, many members of the Royal Family still do not prefer to use surnames.

King Charles Can Drive even Without License

In almost all countries, a driver’s license is required before one can drive without being penalized — not in London. The monarch, let’s say King Charles for now, can drive even without a driver’s license. They don’t even have to take a driver’s test and obtain a license to drive.

King Charles is called the “Pampered Prince”

Have you heard something who has his shoelaces ironed? Probably not until today. Yes, that existed in the case of King Charles when he was still a prince. The staff at the Clarense House had everything done for him earning him the nickname the “Pampered Prince”. His pajamas were even pressed every morning.

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