The Surprising Facts about these Countries Might Have Yet To Reach You

List of Surprising Facts about these Countries in Different Areas Across the Globe

FACTS ABOUT THESE COUNTRIES – Here are some amazing and suprising facts about some nations that many people don’t know.

There are several continents in the globe and there is a long list of countries in the world. In fact, the names of these nations are popular to most people — but not the surprising facts about these countries. Below, you can check some of these trivia that you may have yet to hear before.

Facts about these Countries
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1. The coldest inhabited place on Earth is Oymyakon, Russia.

2. Granada in Spain is known as the “Capital of Caves” of Europe.

3. Mongolia is the country with the least population that it is possible to go days without encountering a person in its mountaineous terrains, grasslands, and rolling plateaus.

4. China has its own “Little Paris” where it built a replica of the Eiffel Tower which is one of the most popular tourist site in Paris, France.

5. In Bahamas, you can find the world’s largest water sculpture named “Ocean Atlas”. It weighed 60 tonnes and stood 18 feet high.

6. In Galesnjak, Croatia, you can find the most perfect heart-shaped island.

7. What is the cleanest country in the world? Its Denmark.

8. You won’t believe it but there is still a village in Turkey, the village of Kuşköy, which uses bird language or the whistling language to connect with other villagers.

9. Nagqu in China is the largest city in the world by area that it is even bigger than the entire Sweden.

10. Peru has over 2,800 varieties of potatoes.

11. The tallest male people are found in the Netherlands and their height on average is 1.838 m.

12. The first country to have given women the right to vote was New Zealand which gave its female citizens the right in 1893.

13. Hailed as the world’s most peaceful country is the Iceland which does not even have an army.

14. The Brussels airports sells more chocolates than any other areas in the world.

15. Do you know what is the longest town in Europe? It is Lanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch which is found in Whales.

16. Also one of the surprising facts about these countries in the list is that unicorn is the official animal of Scotland.

17. The United States has 1/3 of all the airports in the world.

18. There is one country that does not have any river, the Saudi Arabia.

19. The language of Spain, Spanish, is considered as the happiest language in the world because it has the most positive words.

20. The driest place in the world is found near Ross Island in Antarctica where it has not rained for million years.

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