Toxic Work Environment – How Can You Tell?

How can you say that you are in a toxic work environment? These are the indications!

Do you have a toxic work environment? This could be hard to admit but for your own good, here’s how you can tell one.

Understanding the signs of a toxic workplace is one step to remedy a problem. Statistics show that a healthy workplace is being valued more by employees rather. A toxic and difficult workplace can easily wear down employees leading to burnout, unproductivity, and disengagement.

Moreover, one of the reasons why employees is a toxic work environment along with other reasons such as seeking more challenge, seeking for a higher salary, limited growth in the company, undervalued, company changes, personal circumstances, and poor management.

Here are the indications that tell a workplace is toxic:

  1. There’s lack of healthy boundaries around work. This makes you prioritize work over everything else.
  2. There’s a lack of trust between the employees.
  3. There’s no room to make an error and this leads to employees not sharing work-related information with teammates┬ájust to avoid taking the blame.
  4. People treat each other with contempt.
  5. The relationship of people is not healthy. You can observe by watching how they interact with each other.
  6. The company has no support for the employee’s growth.
  7. People tend to question their own feelings, perceptions, or sanity. This is gaslighting and it may have a negative impact inclusion and equity in the environment.
  8. People suffer from physical manifestations of work-related stress and being in those may negatively impact their physical health in the long run.
  9. The company’s turnover is high.

In dealing with this, you might want to reconsider your choices. Would you want to stay and navigate with the toxicity or leave for your own peace. It’s your call. Never forget to give yourself compassion and always have a plan for your exit.

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