Sports Car Brands – Best Sports In The Philippines

What are the best sports car brands in the Philippines? Check out below!

SPORTS CAR BRANDS – Here are the top five sports cars in the Philippines that will absolutely satisfy your need for speed.

Many people want a sports car – a car that is primarily about the engine and speed. It is built differently. This car is built for the exhilaration of the journey going to your destination wherever it may be. If you have the funds to get the vehicle you want – any models from any brand – what would it be?

If you are a lover of fast cars, here are some of the fastest in the Philippines:

  1. Bentley Continental GT
    The top speed of this car is a whopping 333 km/h. It is a convertible, four-seater, that has automatic transmission, and 6.0L Gasoline Engine and 12 Cylinder 48 Valve DOHC. The price for this unit is not available online and from this point on, you already know that this auto surely has a crazy expensive price.
  2. Nissan GT-R
    This costs Php 8,900,000.00 and has a top speed of 315 km/h and can go from 0 to 100 km in just under three seconds. It has a coupe body type, a seating capacity for four, an automatic transmission, and a GT-R 3.8-L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine.
  3. Chevrolet Camaro
    The Camaro has a 266 km/h top speed and the price of one starts at Php 3,298,888.00 and has smoother overall quality compared to the previous models. It has a 2.0L Turbo Intercooled All-Aluminum Engine, a four-seat seating capacity, and an automatic transmission.
  4. Nissan 370Z
    Its price starts at Php 2,779,000 and it could be in manual or automatic transmission. Its seating capacity is 2 and VQ37 3.7-liter DOHC V6 engine.
  5. Ford Mustang
    The price of this sports car that has a top speed of 240 km/h starts at Php 2,948,000.00. It also comes in manual or automatic transmission and a 2.3L Gasoline Engine, 4 Cylinder 16 Valve.

If you’re in for some fun facts, you might also want to see some popular cars named after animals.

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