Expensive Car Brands – Top Luxury Brands Of Sports Cars

If you are into sports cars, here are some expensive car brands of this type.

EXPENSIVE CAR BRANDS – Sports cars are stylish two-seater cars built for speed and here are some of the expensive brands that produce this kind of car.

While most people want to have a reliable car, there are those who wish to have one for speed. The type of car that is built for speed is a sports car. This car has a long hood and under this long hood is a big and powerful engine. A sports car is also smaller compared to passenger cars like sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, and of course SUVs or Crossovers.

This car is designed for a more exhilarating and exciting drive.

These are the luxury brands that produce the best ones in the field:

  • Porsche
    The brand is from the name of the founder, Ferdinand Porsche. This was founded in 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany. The founder is an Austrian-German automotive engineer and he is known as the first to create gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles – the Volkswagen Beetle and the Porsche 911.
  • Ferrari 
    This brand is known and easily recognizable with its prancing horse logo – a symbol of power and speed. The word Ferrari means “blacksmith” in Italian from the Italian word “ferraro”. Enzo Ferrari is the founder and he is from a family of metalworkers. Before he founded the company, he was a skilled mechanic and racecar driver. Legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao owns Ferrari 458 Italia Sports which was worth $255,000 at the time of his purchase.
  • Lamborghini 
    On its logo is a bull representing power and determination. This animal also embodies the strength and performance of their sports cars. Ferruccio Lamborghini is the founder and his surname is “little lamb” in Italian.

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  • Maserati 
    This brand has a trident on its logo and this symbol is a symbol of strength and power which their cars are made of. Alfieri Maserati, Bindo Maserati, Carlo Maserati, and Ettore Maserati. the Maserati brothers, founded the company, hence, the name.
  • Aston Martin
    Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford are the founders and the wing on the brand’s symbol represents the speed, power, and freedom of their cars.

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