Best Halloween Destinations In The World

Enjoy the scary things in the best Halloween destinations you could ever find

Here is a list of some of the best Halloween destinations in the world that will surely give you an unforgettable experience.

Around the globe, people have different ways of celebrating Halloween. Every country has its own tradition while there are places that go all-out when it comes to this event. Along with this occasion, trick or treat is loved by the kids and adults enjoy showcasing their costumes. Some also travel to different countries to enjoy this festivity.

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Here are the best Halloween destinations abroad, based on the article in Travel Earth.

best halloween destinations
Travel Earth

This place offers something for everyone on Halloween. You can enjoy the creative costume parties. There are also themed events in cafes, restaurants, clubs, and even museums. Other activities you can enjoy are ghost tours, music concerts, or all-night marathons of scary movies. Aside from this, you can also visit the Monster Ball or the Amsterdam Halloween Festival.

In this country, the city swimming pool in Brussels becomes color red, transforming it into a “bloodbath.” Children wearing costumes can swim about in the water. People can also enjoy various ghost tours and parties. You can also visit the popular destination Ostend. In this place, various ghoulish events, creepy costume parades, and much more are being held. It is called “Belgium’s Halloween City”.

Hong Kong
It earned the moniker “Halloween Capital of Asia.” Theme parks like Disneyland and Ocean Park go all-out with special events, complete with festive costumes, food, and drink. There is also another option, the Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party and Hungry Ghost Festival (or Yue Lan) which is more traditional. In this event, people give gifts to the spirits of the dead.

Since Halloween history can be traced back to the Celtic celebration called Samhain, it is a given thing that the Irish do this event with a great style. Derry City is known for hosting the biggest Halloween festival in Europe. Visitors can enjoy haunted houses, ghost tours parades, horror-story telling, and much more.

Aside from visiting the many haunted islands, you can also enjoy different masquerade balls in Italy, especially in Venice. Corinaldo is called the Italian Capital of Halloween and you will surely love the spooky attractions. There is also a fire festival on the evening of October 31.

Transylvania, Romania
Yes, it is the home of the most famous vampire, Count Dracula, and of course, it will not be left behind as one of the best Halloween destinations in the world. You can visit Bran Castle, which is known as the castle of Dracula. Several events are also being held in the capital Bucharest.

London, England
There are many dark dungeons, ancient buildings, and ghostly attractions that are fit for Halloween adventures. You can also enjoy numerous parties and events that take place, such as the horse-drawn rides in Richmond Park, the Camden Halloween Carnival, and more.

Among the many Halloween features in Scotland is Edinburgh’s Royal Mile with its creepy vaults, underground passages, and unsolved mysteries.

best Halloween destinations

Prague, the Czech Republic 
This country is called the most spectacular Gothic cities in Europe. For Halloween, you can enjoy the ghoulish local legends, haunted cemeteries, and even a Torture Museum.

Mexicans celebrate the Dia de los Meurtos, or the Day of the Dead, on November 2. The festivities start on October 31. There are elaborate rituals, as well as night-time carnival-like processions, street stalls, and candlelight vigils during this time of the year.

New Orleans
There are several spooky locations in New Orleans and it is dubbed one of the most haunted cities in America. During Halloween, you can enjoy the Vampire Ball, the Voodoo Music Festival, and the Halloween Spooktacular Family concert. A parade is also being held at Bourbon Street and ghost tours of the historic French Quarter.

This place is famous for its 17th-century witch hunts. The celebration here starts in early October with a massive parade and there is a fireworks display on Halloween night. You can also enjoy various carnival rides, paranormal tours, and other family-friendly events, as well as the festival of the dead, and attend the famous Witches’ Halloween Ball.

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