Most Expensive Cow Is Worth Php 246 Million, Here’s Why

The world’s most expensive cow is sold at an auction.

MOST EXPENSIVE COW – A remarkable moment in the world of agriculture and livestock auctions has just happened as this cow has been sold in this huge amount.

An auction where Viatina-19 FIV Mara was sold at Php 246 Million has made a record. This event has caught the attention of the world especially in the agriculture and livestock fields. To put this price into perspective, this is already enough to buy a mansion, several properties, travel around the world, or buy a fancy apartment along Central Park in New York.

Most Expensive Cow
Photo from Newsflash

The cow is named Mara and was sold in Brazil in an auction in Arandú, São Paulo, Brazil. Mara (Viatina-19 FIV Mara Imóveis) is a 53-month-old cow of the Nelore breed. This is the breed that is known for its ability to adapt to tropical climates and hard environmental conditions and resist diseases. It’s distinct features include “bright white fur and distinctive hump above the shoulders.”

Mara is owned by three cow breeders such as Casa Branca Agropastoril, Agropecuaria Napemo, and Nelore HRO. Fabiana Marques Borrelli, the head of Casa Branca Agropastoril, said, “This milestone is historic for us at Casa Branca Agropastoril and the partners who invested in the Viatina-19 property. It symbolises the superior quality standard we seek.”

Borrelli added, “Its appreciation and recognition in the Guinness Book are indisputable proof that investment in genetic excellence provides a return – whether in differentiated products, in financial return and in image.”

Most Expensive Cow
Photo from Newsflash

Based on a website, the Nelore meat is “considered to be very tasty and high quality” and “the meat is lean and tender, and contains just enough fat”. Veterinarian Joao Carneiro said that the cow came from a very valuable lineage.

This milestone also raises the value of the Nelore cattle breed in the world. Based on Guinness, they have “remarkable heat tolerance mainly attributed to their fur, which effectively reflects a wide range of light wavelengths, as well as their unique sweat glands”.

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