Amazing Island Cities You Might Love To Add To Your Bucket List

List of Amazing Island Cities You may Have Yet To Know

ISLAND CITIES – Here are some of the most amazing cities that are located within the different islands across the globe.

While most cities in the world are surrounded by land, there are these cities that are kept within bodies of water. Most of these cities even have bridges that connect them to the mainland. You might like to go to some island cities for a wonderful vacation.

1. Venice

Venice is popular for its canals but what many people don’t know is that it is actually an archipelago of 117 islands connected by bridges. There are at least 455 bridges that link these islands to each other. The canals actually serve as roads and most of the form of transport are done through water. However, there are instances when water overflows in certain parts now just like in Piazza San Marco.

Island Cities
2. Male

Male is located in Maldives. It is the capital and the most populated city in the country known for its pristine white sand beaches featuring turqoise waters. The country is surrounded by water that even its electric power utilize diesel generators.

Island Cities
3. Flores

Flores is also one of the amazing island cities. A causeway connects it to land and it is most popular for being close to the world’s famous Maya ruins of Tikal. The island city offers several great destinations and views including the red-roofed buildings.

Island Cities
4. Trogir

One of the amazing island cities in Europe is Trogir. It features tiny medieval streets and hidden restaurants that offer delicious foods. It also features a beautiful blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.

5. Lindau

Another one of the amazing island cities is Lindau which is located near the crossing points of Swissm, German, and Austrian borders. A bridhe and railway connects it to the mainland. It is popular for its tourist destinations including the sight of medieval buildings.


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