Unbelievable Stories of Survival that Some People Went Through Somewhere in Life

Check Out These Unbelievable Stories of Survival You Might Have Yet To Hear

UNBELIEVABLE STORIES OF SURVIVAL – Here are some stories that will surely move you as some people experienced a strange fight for their lives.

There are stories that are unimaginable but actually happened. These stories tested the endurance, strength, faith, resourcefulness, and resilience of the people involved. Are you familiar with the Donner Party’s story?

Unbelievable Stories of Survival

The Story of the Donners Party’s Ordeal

One of the most chilling stories is about the Donner Party, a group of American pioneers which set out for California in 1846. When they reached the Sierra Nevada mountains, they were trapped by a heavy snowfall. They were in the cold wilderness for five months and a lot of things happened including starvation. Out of the 87 people that went out for California, only 48 made it alive after the ordeal.

Andes Flight Story

The Andes Flight Disaster Story

In 1972, a Uruguayan Air Force, the Flight 571, with 45 passengers crashed into the Andes Mountains. They were stuck in the freezing wilderness and had minimal supplies. They was also no form of communication to seek for help. After 72 days of fighting for survival, 16 survivors made it out the incident alive.

Poon Lim

The Journey of Poon Lim

One of the unbelievable stories was the survival of Chinese sailor Poon Lim. He spent 133 days alone in the Atlantic Ocean during the World War II after his ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat. He managed to survive the accident but there were very limited supplies. He made a a makeshift fishing line, a water still to distill saltwater, and a knife from a biscuit tin to survive. Brazilian fishermen came to his rescue after nearly four (4) months.

Unbelievable Stories of Survival

The Pacific Ocean Odyssey of Jose Salvador

Also one of the unbelievable stories of survival was the survival of Jose Salvador, a fisherman whose boat was blew out by storm in November 2012 throwing him in the Pacific Ocean. Supposedly, the fisherman was only out for a short fishing trip. His companion died of starvation and he fought for survival for 438 days adrift at sea. He had to turn to raw fishes, rainwater, and turtles to survive.

Unbelievable Stories of Survival

The Story of Survival of Ada Blackjack

Inupiat woman Ada Blackjack went with four (4) men on an Arctic expedition in the early 1920s. They targetted to claim Wrangel Island for Canada but they failed. They faced severe challenges including inadequate supplies, bad weather, and the disappearance of their relief party during the expedition. Ada who was hired as the cook was left by the men to ask for help but they have not returned since then. She depended on hunting to survive. After two (2) years, a rescue ship found her alive and having defied all the unimaginable odds.

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