Toxic Parent – The Signs and How To Deal With Them

What is a toxic parent and the signs of this?

TOXIC PARENT – Our parents are also human and these are the different traits that tell that your parent is a toxic one.

No one is perfect and that includes our parents. They are also humans and they make mistake. Being a parent requires a lot from them but where do you draw the line between a bad behavior and toxic trait? What makes a parent toxic? How to spot this and how do you deal with this?

A parent who is toxic is more on being a self-centered individual. Apart from this, they can also be abusive, unsupportive, controlling, and harsh and being raised by this kind of parent can affect both your physical and mental health.

A situation like this can put a child at risk of for substance use, low self-esteem, and relationship difficulties.

The signs

  1. resorts to violence and physical abuse
  2. verbally and emotionally abusive
  3. they prioritize their needs first
  4. they are controlling
  5. expects their children to obedient at all times
  6. they resort to harsh punishments
  7. needs excessive admiration which makes them narcissistic
  8. they are jealous of your relationship with other people
  9. unsupportive of your choices, interests, and accomplishments
  10. they tend to cross boundaries
  11. project their emotions on the children
  12. they get easily offended
  13. they overshare about private matters
  14. overly critical of their children
  15. they are not responsible and accountable
  16. they embarrass you on purpose
  17. emotional outbursts out of the blue

Being raised in this kind of parenting can have potential effects on the children which may even be reflected when they turn adults. These potential effects are mental disorders, mental issues, depression, anxiety, difficulty managing emotions, physical health problems, and many others.

Dealing with a toxic parent is difficult but you always have the choice to cut off contact or try hard to work it out with them for a healthier and better relationship. Always remember that your feelings are valid.

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