These Beautiful Flowering Bonsai Trees is Perfect For Your Home

List of Beautiful Flowering Bonsai Trees You Can Decorate at Home

BONSAI TREES – Among the best displays you can have at home are the beautiful flowering bonsais that will give it a different feels.

Are you looking for unique and beautiful decorations you can put inside your house? You may consider bonsai trees to add a touch of nature and the relaxing vibe it offers inside your home.

Bonsai Trees

This beautiful flowering bonsai tree is part of the rhododendron plant genus. Actually, it does not only have pink flowers but as well as several other colors. Some varities are smaller than the others as well. If you know how to prune it well, it can really bloom majestically.

Wisteria Bonsai

Another beautiful item in the list of flowering bonsai trees is the Wisteria. However, it has an intense vining and growth nature thus you must really know how to take care of it well. If well taken cared of, it can be the main attraction in your living room with its purple flowers.

Bonsai Trees
Desert Rose

What makes this flowering bonsai unique is that it has succulent branches. Thus, you must shape it with care to avoid the sensitive branches from getting accidentally cut. If you want a slow-growing bonsai, this is a perfect choice for you.

Lilac Bonsai Tree

Also one of the beautiful flowering bonsai trees is the Lilac. They do not only bear flowers but “fragrant flowers”. At home, this is both a decoration and a scent agent. It is easy to take care of that is why beginners are advised to consider this variety of bonsai.

Crape Myrtle Bonsai
Crape Myrtle

The Crape Myrtle, also called as Crepe Myrtle, is excellent in outdoors to achieve its beautiful growth. As it ages, it produces bark and the peeling pattern gives it an even more beautiful and attractive look. It produces flowers in shades of purple, white, and pink.

Bonsai Trees

The Rose is undeniably one of the most beautiful bonsai trees you can ever have at home. It is a dwarf rose cultivar and its different plants may belong to different families. However, it is important to use gloves when trimming this bonsai tree as it got some thorns.

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