Car Brand Philippines – List Of Top Auto Brands In PH

Here are the top 10 car brands in the Philippines. Check out the list below.

CAR BRAND PHILIPPINES – In owning a car, many things must be considered, and in the Philippines, here are some of the popular brands.

Fuel consumption, servicing, maintenance, affordability, durability, and technology are some typical questions car buyers often ask. These are just among the few factors to be considered since buying a car requires a lot of thought as a single unit undeniably demands a great value of money.

And in the Philippines, the top dog is still Toyota.

This brand was founded in 1926 by Sakichi Toyoda – the first to manufacture and sell automatic looms. Ever since its founding, the brand sought to make contributions through manufacturing automobiles and focus on producing and selling vehicles.

Here are the other brands of cars that are famous in the Philippines including the units sold by the companies in 2022:

  1. Toyota Motor Philippines – 174,106
  2. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines – 53,211
  3. Ford Philippines – 24,710
  4. Nissan Philippines – 21,222
  5. Suzuki Philippines – 19,942
  6. Isuzu Philippines – 17,639
  7. Honda Cars Philippines – 13,923
  8. KP Motors Corporation (Kia) – 5,012
  9. Geely Philippines – 3,924
  10. Foton – 3,471

The year 2022 significantly marked the return of normalcy in the country after years of suffering from COVID-19. The previous years were periods of shutdowns and quarantines. As an auto owner, you must also be updated about the prices of fuel, and based on the latest news, Oil Firms Confirm Fuel Price Rollback on Tuesday.

With the return of normalcy, the sales of autos also increased. The top brand, the Toyota, is among the Japanese Car Brands that are popular not just in the Philippines but all over the world. Meanwhile, we have made a list of some Best-Selling and Most Popular Luxury Car Brands.

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