Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes that Never Fail to Capture People’s Hearts

List of Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes & their Unique Nature

DOG BREEDS WITH BLUE EYES – Here are dogs that amazingly have tantalizing blue eyes that never fail to capture the hearts of many people.

Are you one of the people who are amazed by some dogs having blue eyes? It is due to a recessive trait that results to these dogs having tantalizing icy blue-colored eyes. It means two (2) gene variants are present thus it occured.

Siberian Husky

Undeniably, among the many breeds of dogs, the most popular when it comes to having a unique eye color is the Siberian Husky. It is one of the most expensive dogs. Its eyes can be icy-blue color but others also have almond-colored eyes. Their physical appearance is close to a wolf and they have an energetic nature that they are pulling sleds in some countries. They are friendly although they have a scary built.

Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes
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Australian Shepherd

Another breed that has blue-colored eyes is the Australian Shepherd. It is an energetic breed and performs well in agility contests. Their coat color comes in a variety of patterns including merle, spots, and splotches.

Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes
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Also one of the dog breeds with blue eyes is the Weimaraner which is popular for its gigantic built. Behind its scary size is a loving and active personality. They are happy dogs with lots of energy and were used for hunting in Germany before.

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Border Collie

Border Collie also has blue eyes. It is one of the smartest breeds and its eyes may be in varying shades of blue, gold, and brown. It is energetic and performs well when it comes to mental and physical challenges as well as in agility competitions.

Border Collie
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Great Dane

Are you one of those who have watched Scooby Doo? The breed of the character is Great Dane. Aside from its height, the blue eyes of this breed is another catcher feature. Although they are big, there is nothing to be afraid for as they have loving personalities and they are adaptable to a lot of sizes.

Dog Breeds with Blue Eyes
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