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Interesting Virtual Reality Suits Will Let You Experience Touch

Modern industry is fueled by technology. And virtual reality came to its existence naming, sensing the three-dimensional world for real. If we have big data like DevOps and Cloudbase Warehousing, virtual reality is another dimension of world that user can interact efficiently to experience new vistas of learning. VR video games immersing led by famous Oculus Rift (Runtime 0.7.0) and Samsung Gear VR. How amazing it is, developers demonstrating how to develop games inside VR.

Now, the very first haptic suit invented by Dimitree Marozau, CEO and Founder and Dimitri Michalchuk, Co-Founder of the “Teslasuit”. Teslasuit is a VR full body suit and based on electro-haptic technology which is a negative language of our body that transmit tactile sensations from virtual reality in games to your body. For example, if someone punches you, you will feel it directly. it is combined with a VR headset which provides a real world experience, completely erasing the boundaries between the two worlds. It doubles as a wearable computer and a full body controller. It stimulates body with mild electronic pulses, delivering a wide range of sensation from touch, virtual hug and virtual bullet shot to heat and cold. Testalasuit is also designed to be washable.

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