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The Hoverboard That You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here – Unbelievable

Many have been waiting for the availability of hoverboards nowadays. Yes, indeed, anybody who doesn’t want to have one?

Most people especially guys just wanted to experience flying in the convenience of small aircraft like REAL hoverboards.

These hoverboards have been already seen in different sci-fi movies before.

Meet the Flyboard Air. It was made by the original maker of the water-powered Flyboard. The company claims that it can reach at about 10,000 feet above the ground. It is said to fly at a speed of 93.2 mph and can fly 10 minutes.

But, many are not convinced about it and says it is fake.

Watch the video below showing the testing of the Flyboard Air.

What can you say about it?
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Source: Flyboard® by ZR

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