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Waaah! A Monster-Giant Bike Confirmed To Be The Heaviest Rideable Bicycle In The World

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Guinness World Records collects amazing information around the world from small to biggest, lighter to heaviest and most to less. This monster against the monster big bike will beat any of your monstrous vehicle which was confirmed to be the heaviest rideable bicycle ever. Eventually, bicycle have several unverified claims for the invention but the earliest recognition of sketch was dated from 1534 and attributed by Gian Giacomo Caprotti, a student of Leonardo da Vinci. The bicycle is used to transport human through pedaling the wheels which require balance by the rider. This is the first human transport make use of two wheels arranged systematically. In the past decades, the invention improved and evolved plus became one of the modern vehicle been used today.

Previous Heaviest bike from Arnhem, Netherlands, the “Monsterbike” built by artist Wouter van den Bosch.
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This 2016, Jeff Peeters from Belgium created a big bike weighs 860 kilograms (1895 pound & 15.6 oz). He spent six months to build the bike that Guinness approved to be the heaviest. In 2012, the heaviest bike was recognized from Arnhem, Netherlands, the “Monsterbike” built by artist Wouter van den Bosch. The bike was made from steel tubes, bicycle parts, four small tyres at the back and one mammoth Michelin tractor tyre, weighs 750 kilograms and measures 1.95 meters in high at the front. This record was beaten by s man from Belgium.

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Jeff has an extensive history in creating contraptions which brought him to beat the previous record and made his personal giant bike from reused materials. He used two tractor tyres with a 2.26 meter high and 5.04 meter long to complete his masterpiece. He can pedal the bike with two handlers like the normal bicycle. Jeff ride the bike along the street of Mechelen, Belgium with a cheering crowd following his bike. It cannot go unnoticed down the road by anyone if it will pass in front of you while Jeff maneuver the enormous two-wheeled vehicle down the street of Mechelen in much amazement of passersby. But, if ever to ride the bike, does it require helmet as well? 🙂 Now that’s my giant-fat bike.

(h/t:) Guinness World Records

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