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A Twinkling Bike Path In The Netherlands By Roosegaarde

How would you like to have the stars on your foot steps? To see it’s twinkling lights just beneath you?
The feel of walking in a beautiful dreamlike night sky?

This amazing swirling illuminated bike path was design by a dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde inspired by Vincent Willem Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”


Daan Roosegaarde is a dutch artist and innovator that was born in Nieuwkoop in the Netherlands. He is the founder of Studio Roosegaarde in the Netherlands in 2006. The creative studio is known for it’s exploration on the relationship between people, art, space and technology.

According to Roosegaarde, this kind of illumination connects with cultural history and is more gentle to the eye. For him, it is a total system that’s practical and self sufficient. He created this so that the people can experience what it is like when technology combines with experience.


Generating this thousands of LED lights to this magnificent lane uses a solar panel nearby. It is charged during the day and can light up to 8 hours.


This amazing twinkling bike path covers about half a mile and was officially opened during the celebrations marking Van Gogh’s 125th death anniversary. A year after it, it was opened year round for free. The Van Gogh heritage locations are connected to this path.


Roosegaarde and Heijmans construction’s collaboration in making this project is considered as a great example of innovative industry. Materials used in the new design include Dynamic paint, Interactive light, Induction priority lane and Road Printer.

They proposed the making of SMART HIGHWAY, aims to create safer and efficient roads. They believed that it will be a sustainable and interactive roads in the future. SMART HIGHWAY has won an INDEX Award in the year 2013 and has given a Dutch Design Award and Accenture Innovation award.

Eindhoven, a dutch town in the Netherlands played an important role in the said project. It is where the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter Willem Van Gogh lived.

Now this is what we call real innovation. Creating great and useful ideas that would benefit not just one but a lot of people. It can be viewed as a new way of finding ways to answer or meet the needs of the society today.

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(photos from inhabitat.com)

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