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The Evolution Of Technology: 3D Shape-Shifting Table That Will Change Our Lives Of Comfort And Productivity

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From Stone Age to Medieval era, our ancestors been using different machines, tools and equipment to make work easier and faster. A stone ax or daggers serves it purposes until every technology that around us came to life evolve every generation of its use. Over the years, these tools become more and more specialized. They evolve through their use where each has different form which matches its function. From a handy work to a more advance technology that no more hand involvement require. Nevertheless, machines became more complex that needs more complex control to control them. Technology designers begun to design and create more challenging interfaces that allow to manipulate parameters while attending other things.

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Digital age change the pace of our lifestyle. Computer had fundamentally change the role of tools because computation is dynamic. Computer can do a million things such as manipulating games, office works like marketing and finance, monitor X-rays and scans to name the few. The interfaces inside computer are intangible softwares that can only be seen by the users. However, digital age make a difference of virtual reality. The interfaces we used to watched can is now can be touch or even respond to your mere imagination. It allows to interact with the user physically in new ways. Sean Follimer give a public talk on TEDx Cern about their recent
technology inventions through MIT Media lab and Stanford. Together with his colleagues Daniel Leithinger and Hiroshi Ishii, they created a new machine inFORM, where the interface can actually come off the screen and you can physically manipulate. You can visualize 3D information physically and touch and feel it. It can interact through gestures and direct deformations to sculpt digital clay. 2016 already have Virtual Reality game tech and machines for business organization. Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift will let you experience into another dimension of games that is so very real like you imagine that you are there.

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Urban planners and architects build physical models of cities and buildings. It allows them to understand how the city will be viewed as an entire city. It can interact directly, can be viewed 360 degrees such as traffic or population information. If you video call through Skype, you only talk live and real time but with the use of inFORm, you can also gesturing and manipulate objects at a distance. This is the era of “Internet of Anything”. Even our wall and tables could be our computer. We will gonna experience the smart table, smart rooms or smart cities should be able to adjust to our needs to create easier methods of work. Sean shared some of the prototypes like:
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  1. inFORM were already mentioned above that can reach out from a screen and manipulate things at a distance. It allows users to touch and manipulate objects.
  2. Screenshot 2016-03-07 17.44.58
  3. Haptic Edge Display for mobile phones. A mobile device with a linear actuators that can change shape where you can feel it in your hand such as you read a book, or you can feel in your pockets new types of tactile sensations or buttons can emerge from the side that allow you to interact. Or even when you play a games and have actual buttons.
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  5. Wristband a high-resolution version that uses an array or servomotors to change from interactive wristband to a touch device to a phone. A snake-like that can take inputs like tablets and can finally morph into a banana shape for user to use as telephone.
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  7. TRANSFORM is an interactive table-scale version which can move physical objects on the surface like reminding you to take your keys yet it can also transform or change to a sort of your own work system set up.
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