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Striking House Design Embedded And Cling On A Cliff With An Amazing View Of The Sea


According to Houseplans.com, modern house plans became more innovative in terms of clean lines, simple proportions, open layouts ad abundant natural light. Flat or shallow-pitched roofs, large expanses of glass, strong connections to outdoor space and spare, unornamented walls are characteristics of Modern house plans. Modern style of home, turning outdoor space into alfresco living rooms. What make them special and different is based on the location, aura design of the house for instance houses built on a cliff, high above the ocean or down the rocky beaches and in the middle of forests. Residents might enjoy the breathtaking view of nature and relax away from the chaotic and busy city life.

A very good example of modern houses built on a cliff with an amazing view of sea and sun set at the end of the day. Two Greek architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassoliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos created a design called “Casa Brutale” embedded on a rocky cliff. They called it brutalism which perfectly met the powerful compliments of concrete style. They envisioned the building concept as a “poetic homage to pure Brutalism”. Aside from the incredible view, they put a swimming at the roof-top and underground walls help insulate the building and keep cool. The wide panel of glasses facing the sea serves as a window for light at day time.


Bedroom area.

Kitchen area.

Entrance hall from outside the cliff plus a view of swimming pool at the top.

Aside from this modern design, there are also a house design built on a cliff in Australia. Imagination went real within Modscape Concept of a cliff house. The house was not stuck on cliff but clinging on a cliff. The cliff house is a five-storey vacation home designed for use off the southwest coast of Victoria. It can only be reach through the carport on the top with the lift or stairs connects to each floor, with the bedroom, living area and kitchen each having separate space on the various floors.

cliff-house-6 cliff__880

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