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One Of World’s Best Competitive Eater Is Not Only A Glutton To Food But Also Engaged In Sports To Be Fit

Place him in any eating challenge he will be there. He wouldn’t just dare but took the challenge. Meet Yasir Salem, a renowned for his gluttony of competitive eating. Since 2008, on his MLE (Major League Eating) debut, Yasir spent his five years on the circuit without a championship title to his name. But on September 12, 2013, he ate 31.17 cannoli at Little Italy’s Festa di San Gennaro Cannoli Eating Championship and he won.

He flew at Brunswick, OH to joined his next game after the day he won. He ate in the Mapleside Farms World Apple Eating Championship. Aside from this competitive eating contest, Yasir also keep himself in marathon. He is an avid marathon enthusiast. As a competitive eater, he does extreme sports such as triathlon and marathon aside from eating to balance his physic and diet that it goes well. Like he said, “They all work together perfectly.”

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