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Don’t Blink And Experience This German iPad Magician Exhibit His World Class Magic Live

Avada Kedavra! and POOF! You got it. 🙂 😉 “Magic is everywhere”, a line from a movie I’ve watched. Magic can entertain kids as well as adults. Truthfully, magic is an illusion. Experts do coin and card tricks to amaze the crowd within a tricky hand movements. For an A-list magician can easily figure out such tricks.

To Simon Pierro has another form of magic tricks on his sleeve. He is a digital magic experts using iPad. His world-class talent arrived at the VidCon to display his awesome magic. He is called “THE iPad Magician” and well-known in Los Angeles. he is no stranger to Hollywood, performing his unique iPad Magic tricks at Vidcon and even at Ellen as a guest.

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