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Hang In There! Have A Grip To The Tightest Reverse Parallel Park That Would Lose Your Breath

In driving require a skill and control. You operate and maneuver the car with confidence. Drifters and stunt drivers often practice their skill in driving to control every turn in exhibiting performance. Last November 12, 2015 stunt driver Alostair Moffat, 37, broke the record of reverse parallel park of his Mini Cooper into a narrow parking space. He is a multiple holder of some record-breaking stunts.

He successfully parked the car in a closed distance of 34 cm between his car and other vehicles in front and back. On a dramatic J-turn reversing around 70 meters at 40 miles per hour, Alistair spun the Mini Cooper 180 degrees using a hand brake turn to slot into the space. During his interview on The Telegraph, “I have probably practiced it a hundred time-practice makes perfect.”

Alistair were already a record holder of the Tightest parallel park , having slipped a Fiat 500C into a space only 7.5 cm held last January 8, 2015 during Autosport International Show at NEC Birmingham, UK.

CREDITS: The telegraph

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