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She’s Supergirl Of The Sky! Gracefully Dancing On The Sky With Her Acrobatic Moves

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If “Supergirl” is alive and real, she might congratulate freestyle skydiver Anastasia Barannik, 19, of Russia. Anastassia started to skydive at the age of 19 and on the summer of 2015, she decided to start competing. She formed a team called “Victory” along with her coach Alexandr Ragulin, a freefly world champion and Igor Kalinin, cameraman. In competition, points are not only awarded for the moves Anastasia performs in both freestyle and compulsory routines but also how well they are filmed. In this short video presented into World Cup in Netherland which gain a 4th Place and won a silver medals. Anastasia has racked up 500 jumps despite 2 years experience. Without fear with her unbelievable talent performing an array of acrobatic dance above the sky, she’s a daredevil. An unexpected incident happened when her former coach Russia’s national champion Vilegzhanin Nikolay gone in this world after a BASE jump accident.

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“He taught me a lot in the wind tunnel. It’s really hard for me to realise that he is still watching and helping me from heaven. I’m sure he’s still watching and helping me from heaven.” The she-daredevil still fighting in series of competition and hoping to follow her former coach footsteps by becoming the country’s top freestyle skydiver. Fearless Anastasia pose her stunning stunt with her trusted cameraman Igor Kalinin. Pursuing her big dreams for the next competition event this 2016, Anastasia is preparing for World Championship in Chicago this summer.

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In her home country, Anastasia is also an accomplished gymnast and ballroom dancer. She is a student at Sratov University of Economics where she already have an edge against her competitors due to her previous experience in a different field of sports. With a promising career ahead of her, Anastasia is determined to achieve the goal to make the people who helped her on her journey be proud of her by winning the World Championship in Chicago. “I have to live up to all those hopes of people helping me achieve the goal, supporting me and believing in me,” said Anastasia.

CREDITS: Mail Online & Barcroft TV

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