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They Are The Real Bungee Jumpers That Would Give You Goose Bumps

Bungee jumping officially began in 1979. This stomach churning type of sport had a traditional form and essence to the natives of Vanuatu in Pentecost, South Pacific. Bungee jumping is Vanuatu’s famous land diving ritual called Naghol. The tribes practiced land diving for centuries in a ritual full of symbolism and spirituality. Men dive from a wooden tower reaching upwards 25 meters with vines knotted to their ankles and falling down to earth and the tribe members will cheer.

Every year, males of Pentecost tie the vines to their ankles and make daring leaps off the wooden tower. Traditionally, diver’s goal was to bless the soil by skimming the dirt with the top of his head and ‘the blessing promise fertile soil for a abundant harvest. Yet, bungee jumping to tribes has other significance such as a boy will jump to prove his no longer a child, males jump at sheer joy, commitment to ancient traditions and a young man will impress the girl he’s courting.

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