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Awesome Woman Took The Challenge Of Diving The Longest Open Water Scuba Dive

As men take the lead in the battle, now women will have the opportunity to make a new set of record. At same month of July, both male and female attempt a record for longest open water scuba dive. In men category, Cem Karabay of Cyprus, Girne stayed underwater for 72 hours, recorded on July 17, 2015. Likewise, last July 11, 2015 Cristi Quill took the challenge of longest open Scuba dive for women at La Jolla Shores, San Diego, California, USA.

She stayed underwater more than a day eating and drinking underwater. It set an incredible record of 51 hours and 25 minutes. She plunged into an average depth of 22 feet. The achievement is meant for the “Put Cancer Under Pressure” campaign. To encourage fundraiser to support the campaign. On her application for the title, she said, “I was excited to attempt this record and it was for a great cause”. She planned to donate all the money she earned to the American Cancer Society.

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